frequently asked questions (Faq)



Service dogs are specially trained canines that perform tasks for persons with a physical, physiological, sensory, neurological, developmental/cognitive impairment, addictions or other daily living challenges. 

What is a therapy dog (also known as a wellness or comfort dog)?

Therapy dogs are accompanied by their handlers in order to carry out specific activities to benefit individuals and groups. These teams are granted access to certain spaces only when prior permission is arranged. 

What is an emotional support animal?

Emotional support animals are not necessarily trained to carry out specific tasks for their handler. However, they can provide comfort and security to their handlers. 

Questions about service dogs, therapy dogs and Emotional support animals

Do not distract a service dog as it would interfere with its ability to focus on its handler and do its job.

ACCESSIBILITY and ACCOMMODATION of service dog teams

Service dog teams have the right to access public spaces, housing and the workplace and are protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act and provincial Human Rights Codes. Some provinces/territories include Emotional Support Animals in their code.

How are service dogs associated with our "pawsitive" support project?

Our goal is for service dog organizations working with veterans diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to address recovery from problematic substance use, with specific attention to distance peer support, in their service dog training programs.

SOURCE: Love on a Leash